The End of an Era.

The End of an Era.

After publishing nearly 700 videos in five years, it’s time to change my relationship with YouTube. This video explains everything… EVERY SINGLE relevant link from this vid is in the description!

If you have not watched my first video yet, it is here:

This playlist above also contains all the data from my YouTube analytics at the 30 day, 90 day, 120 day mark and beyond…

I did 30 day look backs to SHOW how many views/subscribers I got all along the journey for the first few years.

This will paint a very clear picture about what it takes to succeed online.

As promised, my brand new course is now available:

#1 – The new Affiliate Marketing Crash Course –

This course above is designed for you if you are not yet in motion building your website, if you’ve not yet chosen your niche, or if you have not yet tapped the potential traffic you deserve.

This link above will get you on my email list so if you go through that one, it’s all you need to do.

#2 – Access to my emails if you DON’T want the affiliate marketing crash course –

Look… if you already have your strategy dialed in.

If you are selling services, courses, building out your empire already and you don’t want to get distracted by affiliate marketing… I salute you.

But you still might want my value packed emails… This ’emails’ link above will get you on my list and it will bypass the pre-designed ‘affiliate marketing’ content from the first link above.

Neither of these have one time offers or up cells after the opt in page… I don’t execute that strategy on the brand, I truly am here to help.

#3 – Escape Velocity – this is an idea I covered in the video, briefly. I did dedicate an entire video to this topic and it will really solidify the power and importance of this "escape velocity" concept.

This will help you get your head on straight so you can keep your mindset focused in the right direction during the 3 to 5 years of hard work.

#4 – The Perfect Day Exercise –

This is one of the most important and powerful exercises that you can do in order to gain clarity on what you want to create from a lifestyle perspective.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand-new and haven’t built your site yet… Or if you’re already making $15,000 per month and you want to scale.

The concept here is that you must have a target that you’re shooting at or else you could never hit your mark.

Most people don’t take time to get clarity on why they are actually doing all of the work and how much money they actually need.

#5 – The ‘Affiliate Marketing Case Study’ website build was documented here on YouTube:

#6 – The interview with Kyle I mentioned –

#7 – Jarvis The AI –

I truly believe those who master the skill of working with AI to create useful and helpful content that reads well and ranks well will own the blogosphere in the next decade.

This is irrelevant of anyone’s feelings on AI or journalism at large…

This is a huge technological breakthrough that allows independent publishers and edge that has previously been reserved for megacorporations.

All in all, I look forward to bringing the fun back to YouTube for myself while enjoying the lifestyle that I’ve created.

I truly hope you take this all to heart and begin to really zero in on what it would take for you to create your dream lifestyle.

You can do it…

It is a five year path…

It is really difficult…

But you can ultimately buyback your future and I’m living proof that anyone can do this if they commit and persevere.

I appreciate you.

Miles Beckler