The Real SECRET To SUCCESS | Adam Erhart

The Real SECRET To SUCCESS | Adam Erhart

The Real SECRET To SUCCESS | Adam Erhart
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There’s a myth floating around the entrepreneurship community (partly propagated, admittedly, by a younger, less wise Adam)…

That if you want to succeed you need to be (or at least strive to be) the very best.

The top 1%
The top 1% OF the top 1%
The bestest (it’s a word right?)
The crème de la crème
The single most advanced version of a human being to ever grace this planet with your presence.

I was wrong.

Of course these are MY personal goals. (But I also may have a problem with over-achieving, workaholism, and character flaw whereby I measure my self-worth in line with my achievements)…

But this isn’t a therapy session so let’s move on.

Over my years of doing this whole “business thing” I’ve come across a LOT of people.

I’ve worked FOR many (billionaires, world leaders, movers and shakers)

I’ve worked WITH many (multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, professionals, genuinely good and hard working people)

And I’ve HIRED many people to work for me (employees, contractors, freelancers, agencies)

And this is what I’ve learned…

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