This YouTube Channel Is worth $3 Billion Dollars #shorts

This YouTube Channel Is worth $3 Billion Dollars #shorts

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The future of media is social. And nowhere is this more clear than in the case of Moonbug, a company that owns several children’s YouTube channels and just sold for a cool $3 Billion dollars.

Which, fun fact, is around half of what Disney paid to buy Pixar back in 2006.

The reason Moonbug is worth $3 billion though comes down to their core channels Cocomelon, Little Baby Bum, and Blippi which last month alone brought in more than 2.37 billion views.

If you have kids. You hate these people. As I’m pretty sure half of those views came from my house.

But as big as a $3 billion dollar buyout for a YouTube channel sounds these aren’t the exception with channels like Mr. Beast and Ryan’s world building massive multi-million followings and media empires.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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