Top 10 ATF Form 1 FAQs, Are Pistol Braces Illegal?

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You have asked thousands of questions and we’re here to answer the most important points about the new ATF Pistol Brace Rule.

0:00 – Intro
0:06 – When Does the ATF Pistol Brace Amnesty Start?
0:16 – What does the ATF consider a SBR?
0:27 – What should I do with my pistol braces?
1:00 – Does Silencer Shop offer a tax-exempt Form 1 service?
1:23 – Does a Form 1 SBR Need to be engraved?
1:31 – How much does it cost to SBR a gun?
1:41 – Can I keep my pistol brace on my AR?
1:53 – Can I swap my brace for a stock?
2:05 – Do I need photo evidence of my brace?
2:21 – I can own a pistol in my state but not a rifle, what do I do?
2:41 – How long does eForm 1 approval take?
2:55 – How Long Does Pending Research take on Form 1?

ATF eForm 1 Walkthrough:

Learn more at our ATF eForm FAQ Page:

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