Top 4 Free Marketing Ideas – Ever!

In this article I’m going to discuss my top 4, free marketing ideas for your business. Weather you have an online or offline business; marketing is the lifeblood of you income. Without it, no matter how big or small your business may be, you’re going to get nowhere. Let’s turn nowhere into now here.

Here are my top 4 free marketing ideas for your business.

  1. Use your competition to your advantage – Study it and see what they’re having success with. Copy their success. You may also have a product that relates to your market sector that your competitors don’t market. What you could do is offer them a commission for every person they send your way, or likewise; you could refer customers to them if they sell a product you don’t stock. In the internet marketing world, you can do very well for yourself in joint ventures i.e. emailing one of your competitors products to your list (they should reciprocate the favour) or offering your product as a bonus for buying theirs (you could use this tactic to build a list).
  2. Know what works for your business – Everything you do must be analysed. Know where your “traffic” or customers are coming from. Track clicks, if you work on the internet, or ask your customers where they heard of you when you deal with them. I noticed a company who did this really effectively. They had one of those; text “more info” to 88911 on a poster. Later on that day I noticed another poster in a different location with a different number on it. That means the company in question was able to see where the poster was that had the biggest impact.
  3. Focus all of your effort on “what works,” not what doesn’t – Too many people try to focus on fixing what isn’t working, rather than on what is. If you have a lot of success with posters or banner ads, then increase the amount of banner advertising you do or put up some more posters. Don’t try and leave business cards on pub tables if that technique isn’t working.
  4. Provide Value & over deliver – This is really important. You may ask “how does this involve marketing.” The answer; word of mouth is a method of marketing and probably the best method. This is because the “quality” of lead generated via this method is a lot greater than with any other form of marketing. If you have a service that provides great value, and you always try to over deliver, you’ll not only encourage repeat business, but you’ll also attract others.

That’s it for my top 4, free marketing ideas. Whether you are an offline or online company, marketing is your biggest asset and unless you do it properly, you’re not going to last very long in business. Understand your competition and how to use it to your advantage. Make sure you know where your customers are coming from. Focus on what works; not, what doesn’t and finally ensure that you always provide the best service possible.