Using TikTok Analytics to Improve Your Results

Using TikTok Analytics to Improve Your Results

How well is your organic TikTok marketing working? Wondering how to tell?

In this video, expert Keenya Kelly shows you how to use TikTok analytics to analyze organic content performance so you can create a data-driven TikTok content strategy.

Discover what the Overview, Content, and Follower tabs can tell you about your overall marketing performance and where to find analytics for individual TikTok videos.

Learn where to look for engagement, reach, and watch time data. Plus, find out which metrics to focus on for specific goals, and get a hack for tracking TikTok traffic to your website.

Finally, get tips for how often to check your TikTok analytics and how to use the data to improve your marketing efforts.

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00:00 Intro
00:31 How to Access TikTok Analytics
01:08 Overview: TikTok Analytics
01:55 Content: TikTok Analytics
02:13 Followers: TikTok Analytics
03:28 LIVE: TikTok Analytics
03:45 Metrics to Watch to Reach Your Goals
05:02 How Often to Check Your Analytics
05:40 Identifying Trends in Your Analytics
06:10 Individual Video Analytics
08:34 What to Do When a Video is Going Viral

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