We Found Ways to Monetize the Toughest Niches

We Found Ways to Monetize the Toughest Niches

Some niches are just hard to monetize. Whether you have a blog or a YouTube channel, coming up with ideas for digital info products in some niches can seem impossible. I took some of the niches where people have expressed their struggle to come up with good ideas and came up with some that I think would work really well.

00:00 – You can make more money with info products in pretty much ANY niche
00:41 – Easy Niches: Gardening
02:13 – Hard Niches: Gaming
04:00 – Humor, Entertainment, and News
06:38 – Product-Focused Niche
08:30 – Sleep Niche
11:29 – Sports Team Fan Site
13:10 – Making a Single Product
15:35 – Creating an Info Product in 10 Days

Link to Info Products Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UwPGenbZbw

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