What I spend in a week in San Francisco as a 29 year old

What I spend in a week in San Francisco as a 29 year old

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Today, I’m sharing with you what I spent in a week as a 29-year-old with a baby, with a husband and with my mom living in San Francisco! Grocery, travel, whatever is happening this week – I’m going to record it and you’re going to see how much I spend in a week for a four-person family.

On Wednesday, my aunt/cousin took me to a cafe. I came there by Lyft. When we were going back home, we used BART. On the same day, my dad left San Francisco and I decided to give him a ride in style to the airport with an Uber Black. I also ordered Instacart.

On Thursday, I bought iHerb supplements and baby diapers for Emily. I also paid for electricity. We had a friend visiting us and I got an Uber for him and also paid for a fast track.

On Friday, Dima and I had a wedding anniversary dinner. Before that, we were in the office which is really close to a place that is considered the great one to buy crabs. We could not resist buying some to make crab cakes at home. I also got a toy for Emily.

On Saturday, my mom, Emily and I came to Salesforce Park to work, enjoy the weather and a cup of coffee. In the evening, I had a massage.

On Sunday, I was hoping to stay at home and spend nothing but I shopped for paper towels and toilet paper. Then, I got a new kettle. My mom and I also bought some groceries during the day. In the evening, Dima and I took two Lyft rides to see Ali Wong.

On Monday, Dima and I met our friend at a place we hadn’t visited before.

On Tuesday, I spent nothing.

At the end of the video, you are going to find out how much I spent in a week in total.

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