Why Use Cotton Shopper Bags to Promote Your Brand With the Promotional Clothing Industry

Over the years we have seen many forms of marketing techniques used to promote products and companies. The main source of advertising is the product which advertises themselves, then the packaging surrounding them covered in corporate logos and business strap lines. The actual product sold itself and this is down to ‘word of mouth’ and ‘sales’, to get its position in people’s homes or to use a company for its services you need a lot more and this is where marketing comes in. The first thing that springs to mind is the newspaper a well known media around the world and is still is mostly read source in everyday life. If you want someone to see, hear or use your product/service this has been the number one choice for many years now. As the world has evolved so has technology and now we have the television, the large electronic display boards, and the internet, who knows what the next source will be.

Branding, logos or business identity is a large part of running a successful company and promoting yourself in everyday life is the key to achieve this. As well as technology for example the television, textiles/fashion has made a large contribution to advertising or the promotional products industry. Fashion has become part of everyone’s life from children’s clothing to adults clothing and if it’s not the wife walking around in designer labels now the babies are wearing them too. Designers have a massive market in industry with the next fashionable product being custom or bespoke clothing.

If you just want to advertise on a product the traditional form has always been the printed t-shirt and finding a t-shirt printer has become a lot easier with thousands of professional screen printers around the globe. There are so many types of textiles to print onto as corporate businesses have their logo applied to uniforms in most cases embroidered not screen printed, but clothing isn’t the only choice.

Accessories play a major part in the promotional clothing industry and with many types of products being introduced screen printing and embroidery has become a heavily used service. This brings me to the ‘cotton shopper bag’ this product has become famous in your local supermarket and anyone who’s trying to promote their product, business, or service.

It all began when eco, green, fair trade came into play about three years ago and everyone was jumping on the band wagon trying to think of ways to help the world save energy. The cotton shopper bag was introduced as a fair trade product and ever since has become the number 1 seller for a promotional clothing item. The great thing about this item is the quantity you can have processed for a very reasonable price and what you can actually print onto the bag. If it’s a one logo or a full coloured simulated process print this product can handle both of these processes. I have seen some very impressive designs screen printed and can say this is the next best thing from a t-shirt.

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